These are Medical Grade Face Masks

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....oh, but we are forbidden from saying that....

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These masks are manufactured in Vietnam.  

The manufacturer, Dony, is registered with the FDA.  These masks are certified by Intertek, as well as French Cert.  Many masks claim these, but can't back it up.

These masks feature:

  • Outer Layer: Features strong water resistance (Prevents droplets clinging to masks, limited viral infection - Common cloth does not provide this.

  • Middle Layer: Has a filter function (air, dust, and other agents do not enter nose and mouth

  • Inner Layer: Has 99.9% antibacterial properties (Preventing bacteria from entering)

  • Sterilized Packaging - Ready to wear

  • Maintains antibacterial properties after 30 washes

Adult Colors - Black and White

Kid's Colors - Pink and Blue

We are selling these for $9.99 with free shipping.  This is a great deal.

Give your employees / friends / family more than just a novelty or cute face mask.  Give them a high quality face mask that may actually help stop the spread....

You can purchase these below which will direct you to checkout on our website.  We also have other masks on the website as well.

Contact us about Bulk Purchasing - 100 qty at $5.00/ea.  You can also purchase bulk on

We are a family owned and operated business, not a professional retail firm that is capitalizing on the sale of Face Masks.  This pandemic has basically stopped our AV business.  True "Mom and Pop" shop here. You should not be paying more than $9.99 for any quality face mask out there.  We have found many of these expensive ($20+) masks in China, Pakistan, etc - They cost less than $1.00 and do not offer the same benefits.