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Restrictions on selling Face Masks

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, we started selling face masks. First, we were able to get products from the Philippines as we have family and friends there. These masks are handmade and do offer a level of protection. We then found a great manufacturer in Vietnam that has all of the certifications, inspections, registrations, etc. Very excited about selling these masks are they have all kinds of benefits. We are selling masks in several locations including our website, We are finding so many restrictions on selling these. Google, Amazon, and Facebook (I'm sure many more) are restricting people like us from advertising our products. It's a huge issue for us. I think there are two reasons for these restrictions. First reason, and this is now outdated, the medical profession needed to obtain masks as a priority and the general public didn't have the same need in wearing masks. Secondly, the professional con artists out there were taking advantage of the pandemic to make money. Still going on today when you see masks being sold for $20, $30, even $40. I can assure you, these masks are less than $1 from the manufacturers in China, Pakistan, India, etc - we have found just about everyone you see being advertised. So, here we are, a struggling family business, offering quality face masks for a reasonable price and we can't sell them to the general public on the main commerce highway. It's not a vacation for me. I'm on the web everyday, trying to find ways to market these products. It's frustrating seeing some of these professionals out there with huge marketing budgets and facny websites selling crap masks and getting away with huge profits.... I guess sometimes a blog is good for venting... Back to work. If you read this, go to and give our products a look. We do put %100 effort into our customer service. Thanks, Dave H


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