Funeral / Memorial Live Stream Service


Bergen Audio Visual can stream Funeral and Memorial services live.  We also provide a viewing option for those who can't watch the live stream.  Please give us a call if you have a need for this service.   

How Does this work?  We provide the service with Audio and Visual equipment.  Utilizing a High Definition Video Camera and a Live Streaming encoder, we stream the service to a customized viewing page.  Many options are available including the viewing of a photo montage of the person's life, an open chat for people to make remarks, as well as bringing in viewers directly to the live stream.

We can provide this service throughout New Jersey. 


Click HERE to view a sample viewing page 

Starting at $475 for a one hour service.  Each additional hour is $50.  This package provides a high definition video camera, microphone, streaming encoder, and a hosted page on our website.  We do charge $75 for a site visit and to test the provided internet.  This charge will be deducted off the total if we do the service.  There is no charge for the actual streaming servers at this time.  For places that do not have internet, we can test an LTE provider such as Verizon, AT&T, etc....

Additional Services


  • Photo Montage with or without music

  • Ability to bring in remote speakers / celebrants to the live stream

  • LTE Internet for locations that do not provide a connection


There is no limit to the number of viewers.  A high quality internet connection is needed for High Definition Streaming.  This is not the same quality as Skype, Zoom, or similar video platform.  The quality of the video stream is up to 1080p and will look very nice in comparison.​

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