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New Jersey Stage Rentals: Your Premier Choice for Event Staging

Welcome to the ultimate destination for stage rental services in New Jersey. Whether you’re hosting a concert, festival, wedding, or corporate event, our extensive selection of mobile stages, portable stages, and modular platforms ensures the perfect fit for any occasion.

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See pricingbelow

Versatile Staging Solutions Our inventory includes a variety of modular stage decks and risers, suitable for events of all sizes. We have the flexibility to create the stage you envision.

Indoor stage
stage for corporate event

Customer-Centric Service At Bergen Audio Visual Stage Rentals, we prioritize your needs. Our team is available 7 days a week to discuss your staging requirements. Call us at (732) 851-4017 or request a quote today via email or "Let's Chat" below and elevate your event with our professional stage rental services

Indoor / Outdoor Stages Now Available
12" & 24" Heights with Stairs
Black Skirting Included
8' x 4' Sections
4' x 4' Sections

Brand New Inventory 

We also provide Podiums, Sound Systems, Lighting,  Black Background Drape

Quiet Generators available for outdoor events.


podium rental
sound system stage rental
quiet generator rental
outdoor stage rental

Serving locations throughout New Jersey
One stop shopping - Got Sound?

Stage rentals
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4' x 4' Section - $80

***Available in 12" & 24" Height***

Delivery, Set-up, Removal Starting at $200

All stage sections are modular and can be built to different sizes

Most Common Stages are listed below

4' x 4' - $80
8' x 4' - $160
8' x 8' - $320
12' x 8' - $480
16' x 8' - $640
16' x 16' - $1,280



8' x 4' Section - $160

Stairs - $75


Honda EU7000 $250
Quiet Generator Rental

Honda EU2000 $75
Quiet Generator Rental

Podium Rental $125

*** Skirts included ***

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