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Live Streaming Production Services during the Pandemic

The Corona Virus is keeping people from attending all types of events and services.  Funeral services, Sporting Events, Church / Synagogue services, and Weddings are all affected by this Pandemic.  Live streaming can bring them there.  We are regularly streaming these and other events.  Not only are the viewers local, but we are reaching viewers across the globe.  

Bergen Audio Visual uses high quality and dependable equipment to stream to any device any where. We even have the ability to stream remotely and provide our own internet connections.  Your event can be viewed on our streaming platform, your website, or top live streaming platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, etc.....  We provide customized viewing pages, password protection, as well as video playback of your event for later viewing.

It doesn't have to be so expensive!  We regularly find our competitors charging at least double for the same service.  Costs to live stream have been greatly reduced over the last few years.  Live streaming production companies are grossly over charging, especially during these times. 

Video Camera
Our basic streaming package.  This includes a high definition camera, video encoder and a microphone.  Along with the equipment, we provide a customized landing page and/or embed code for you to stream on any website or platform.  This is for events up to 1 hour.  For events going over 1 hour, additional cost if $50/hr.  We will host this video for up to a year for on-demand viewing with no extra charge.  This package works well with locations that have a wired internet connection.  LTE Data connections (Verizon, ATT, T-mobile) are available for $125 additional.  These services are bonded together and provide for high quality connections just about anywhere.

Feel free to contact us for additional pricing on multiple cameras, switchers, microphones, PowerPoint integrations, etc.  We are an Audio Visual business serving New Jersey since 2004.  

* Discount pricing, available with Audio Visual Equipment rental. Ask for more details.

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