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Do you need to rent sound equipment?  Make sure to call Bergen Audio Visual.  We specialize in repeat customers!  Locations throughout New Jersey.  We rent mixers, microphones, and speakers.  Can't wait to hear from you.



Corporate Events and Meetings


We have over 20 years of experience providing sound systems for business meetings and events.   Our pricing is usually 1/2 of what most professional companies charge.   Venues across NJ count on us to deliver a quality and professional product for their business customer.  Our room set-ups are clean and we go to great lengths to make sure your business audience gets clear and clean sound.  Using advanced equipment, we take the time to fine tune the sound for each room we set.  We understand that no two rooms are the same when it comes to how sound travels and have specialized equipment to make it right.   We are constantly upgrading our equipment to make your sound the best it can be.  Check out our pictures below.  A sample of some of our corporate events.

Sound Systems for Pick-up - Social Events & Parties

The two sound systems we rent below tend to satisfy most of our customer's needs.  We have a lot more equipment than what is shown here.  It's very simple.  The smaller system is great for speech or light background music in smaller spaces.  It doesn't offer much boom and there is somewhat a limit to how loud you can make it.  The larger system has much more "boom" and can pretty much get you into trouble with the local government if using it outside past 10pm.  Usually if our customer says there will be dancing, we go with the larger one.  Both sound systems are very easy to use and we certainly provide you with some basic set-up instructions.  These systems come with a microphone and a cable to plug into the headset connector of most small devices like phones or tablets.  One other thing to note:   If you want to pick-up the equipment we do provide phone support if you have any issues setting up.

We did make a small video at the bottom of this page to demonstrate how easy it is to set-up these systems.

Feel free to give us a call about renting a sound system in NJ.

The larger system is pretty much for live music events.  We commonly use it for festivals or large social events.

This fantastic sound system is one of our most popular rental products and is currently in stock. This sound system is loved by all of our customers for its great sound quality, but also for its unbeatable price. We provide two 10" powered speakers, a small, easy to use mixer, a microphone and an audio cable to connect to your device.  Great for speech and background music.  Add a wireless mic for $45.  If you need a bit more power and thumping bass, choose the 15" package.  We’re sure you’ll love both of them.

Pick-up Special


Smaller sized two speaker rental system

Special Pick-up Pricing

Pump Up The Volume.... Earth Shattering Bass - Loud Volume.  Great for Larger Rooms and any event that has Dancing.  Great for Weddings or you can be your own DJ.  Connect your Smart Phone and hit the floor.  Two 15" Powered Speakers, with a small, easy to use mixer.  Comes with a microphone and cable to connect to your device's headphone connector. Works well outside.  Add a wireless microphone for $45.  We also provide quiet small generators if your event is remote.  Be careful after 10pm as the neighbors may call the authorities.......always a good idea to invite them so they don't make that call

Pick-up Special


Medium Sized two speaker rental system

Special Pick-up Pricing

Ok, thought we'd turn it up a notch.  We use this system for mostly outdoor events.  Great for an event in the park.  We do have a flying option to get the speakers off the ground.  This Sound System Rental Includes Delivey, Set-up as well as Operation. Also included are Microphones for Musicians, Direct Boxes, Digital Snake, and other relative equipment.  This price is for most locations and most event times.  Additonal charges may apply depending on event.  Contact us for more details.......



Large Sound System

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