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Good Service Counts

I will never forget the day an older gentleman walked into our shop in Bergenfield and wanted to rent a small speaker and a microphone for an event he was having. We were pretty busy at the moment with some other customers and he waited patiently. He didn't want to spend a lot of money on the system rental. We offered him our smallest speaker and a microphone. I believe the charge was about $75. We demonstrated how to use the speaker and how he should use the microphone. He was very happy with the service we gave him and stated to us that he just left another sound company. He was told there that they don't deal with the "Mickey Mouse" stuff and was very appreciative that we gave him so much of our time. I remember telling him that we'll take the Mickey Mouse stuff all day long! I just couldn't make sense of how any body could treat a customer like that. The point being made here is that we value each and every customer no matter how big or how small your event is.

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