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A live stream test.

I couldn't resist taking this picture several years ago. While this may look like a big mess, it's actually two cameras connected up to a network which then connected to a software streaming platform on a laptop computer. We've actually been live streaming well over 10 years. I can't tell you how much money and hours have been thrown at this. 10 years ago it was very difficult to get an actual live stream set-up. Not to mention we had it going along side with PowerPoint presentations. The technology back then was rough. Bandwidth was never enough and you had to be able to understand how to program servers. What a pain that was. If I was an IT person, maybe it would have been easier. Anyway, for years we've kept up on it and now streaming is much more reliable. Everyone has decent bandwidth and streaming servers now have interfaces with check marks and boxes instead of having to type in code. Basically, we press a few buttons and the magic happens. We can stream to all corners of the globe and it can be watched pretty much on everyone's device. Streaming servers are free in some cases (youtube, facebook, etc). One of our devices can stream using multiple internet connections; even on LTE connections. So, we can even stream on the beach..... Many streaming companies will still rake you over the coals with streaming charges. We basically charge a small amount for the actual streaming stuff and then just rental on the gear. We have some decent lighting as well as a huge amount of microphones and sound systems. For many of our events, the customer wouldn't have to pay much extra to broadcast their event anywhere..... Dave


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