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New Jersey AV Business Turns to Selling Face Masks to Stay Afloat

How one family-owned business has diversified its service in the pandemic to retain their income while providing an essential product to consumers.

BERGENFIELD, NJ (June 4, 2020)- Owners of the New Jersey audio visual company, Bergen Audio Visual -David and Glory Fe Howard -have adapted to the Corona Virus pandemic by selling face masks to stay afloat.

Prior to the outbreak of COVID-19, the Howard family’s only source of income was from the rental of audio-visual equipment. But like many non-essential businesses, the social distancing measures implemented to stem the spread of the virus halted their operations. With their only source of income dried up, the couple decided to sell hand-made face masks to make ends meet. Now, two months later, they are one of the top sellers of face masks on Etsy boasting over 1,500 sales for FacemasksNJ.

Three Ply Protection

But these are not the average face masks. FacemasksNJ offers uniquely designed face masks that are sterilized using the same EO Gas technology used for medical supplies. The masks feature three-ply protection with:

· An outer later with water-resistant fabric to prevent water droplets from clinging to the masks

· a middle layer to filter the air

· an antibacterial inner layer to prevent bacteria from entering.

These antibacterial properties are maintained for up to 30 washes. The masks are sterilized using the same EO Gas technology used for medical supplies and also come in a sterilized packaging -a testament to the company’s commitment to the safety of its customers.

David Howard said: “After we lost our main source of income, we started looking at other options to generate income. Face masks seemed to be the most viable option. Bergen Audio Visuals is built on Integrity and we wanted to build FaceMasksNJ on the same ethos by providing high quality face masks that provide effective protection for our customers.”

Safety and Comfort

But it’s not just about safety. The FaceMasksNJ’s masks are comfortable to wear with a breathable design and a snug fit that keeps it in place until it is removed. FacemasksNJ’s masks are available in a variety of attractive and neutral colors for adults and children starting at a retail price of $7.99. The company also offers free shipping nationwide. For further details or to browse the collections of masks, visit:


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